Bat Speed is defined as how quick, in terms of split seconds the bat gets to the hitting zone.  This is pretty much accomplished through the straight-line principle.  "The fastest way from one point to another is in a straight line".

We can break down the whole swing into the following components:

  • Stance

  • Preliminary Motion (Load, Stride, Etc)

  • Launch Position (or Loaded Position, Ready Position, Power Position....)

  • Attack (Approach)

  • Contact

  • Follow Through

Although the preliminary motion (Load) if managed poorly, can greatly hinder the hitter's ability to get the bat head to the contact point, the actual bat speed is from the end of the preliminary motion (Launch Position) to the contact point.  This is the movement of the bat toward the ball that I call "Attack" or "Approach".

Bat speed is measured in terms of fractions of seconds.  The faster the bat speed, the longer the hitter can wait until she makes the decision of which to swing.  The longer the bat speed the slower her bat and therefore usually her management of the strike zone is very poor.

Bat Velocity does play a role in bat speed too.  

Here are all Bat Speeds that we have tested through Lessons With Holly, National Fastpitch Academy, or National Softball Prospects.


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