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Have you noticed that we almost never talk about hitting home runs as the goal?  Yes, I get it.  Swinging for the fences has long been the curse of a good swing and I agree, swinging "for the fences" is usually a recipe for failure.    However, we also know that it is difficult to succeed at the highest level, as a team, without at least one home run threat.  The fact is, there ARE Home Run Hitters and they have learned how to accomplish this on a yearly basis and not just once in a while but at a high rate.

Think about it.  College coaches search far and wide for that hitter that has demonstrated home run power.  I don't shy away from the Home Run as a goal but it is a very high-level goal and there are quite a few complications as well as high-level physical skills requirements.

This program is unique to lessons where it focuses on a very difficult skill in hitting and we will work on the physical, the technique and (maybe even more importantly) the mental side of being a home run hitter.  This includes learning the best pitch to hit the homerun for you as an individual as well as how to have a game plan.  There are a lot of things in this program you won't get in a lesson.

Welcome to my Home Run Program I call "Crushing It".  Here are some features of the program:



























With this said, we will not just accept any hitter.  There are some requirements to the Crushing It! Program.


  1. You must be at least currently in the 8th grade or 14 years old.

  2. If you meet the age (#1) criteria, then you must apply for the Program.  Click here.

  3. The initial application is just joining a mailing list.  It will initiate some automatic emails with some tasks to determine if the athlete is ready for this program.  Some hitters are just not home run hitters and still can be outstanding hitters.  We do not want to try to make a hitter a home run hitter that is either not ready or just not suited to be this type of hitter.

  4. I feel I know what it takes to develop hitters to be home run hitters.  It is hard work and, quite honestly,  I don't want to make this information readily available to the public just yet.  So, once the approval process is completed and the athlete is admitted to the "Crushing It!" Program, we will reveal the 10 week plan.  You will not be required to commit to the program or pay for the program until we both agree this is the path we want to take with this hitter.


Here are the features we can share at this time:

  • The program is a 10 Week Program.

  • The program MUST be completed in 12 Weeks.

  • The athlete must be at least 14 years old or currently in the 8th grade.


    • The athlete will go through a series of pre-testing that is designed to determine the physical ability to be a home run threat by the athletes Senior Year in HS.

    • The pre-test will serve two purposes.  The first is to determine if the hitter qualifies for the program and the second is to establish a starting point for the hitter of which we will gage the level of improvement.

    • The Pre-Test will be part of the first lesson.

  • More to come...

Admission to the Crushing It Program

  1. The hitter must demonstrate the potential to succeed in being a home run threat at the High School level so the following must exist to be admitted to the Crushing It Program:​

  2. The athlete must apply for the program.  (See the Form below to Apply)

  3. The athlete IS NOT REQUIRED to be a current lesson client for Holly.

  4. The athlete must be at least 14 years old or at least a Freshman in HS.

  5. The athlete must pass a hitting test of the following minimums:

    1. Exit Velo of at least 50 MPH for three swings out of 10 attempts.​

    2. Bat Velocity of at least 50 MPH for three swings out of 10 attempts.​

  6. You will be required to run through a pre-test metrics assessment session.  It will cost $20.00 and last about 30 minutes.   

  7. Once you complete the application below you will be directed to schedule your pre-test.

  8. After you qualify, we will work on scheduling your Crushing it Lessons.

  9. There are a limited number of hitters that can participate in the Crushing It program at one time so we reserve the right to refuse a hitter even if she qualifies however that will be rare.

Objective (6 Week Program)

The will show an increase in exit velocity of the three top velocities during a 10-swing assessment by the end of the 6-Week Session.

The hitter will improve the (CFactor) Consistency Factor during the 10-Swing Assessment by the end of the program.

The Hitter will demonstrate an improvement in Bat Velocity by the end of the 6-week program.

We will hit on the HitTrax at the conclusion of the 6-Week Program for additional evaluation. 


The athlete will run through a series of assessments.  


This is a 30-minute session where we will run the athlete through testing to determine strengths and weaknesses for this program and to determine eligibility.

The Metrics testing will be conducted on a batting tee for 10 swings.

We will test bat speed, bat velocity, attack angle, exit velocity, Connection at impact and more through the use of Blast Technology and a Radar Gun.

We will also video the hitter during tee work and live BP for a starting point and to enable breaking down the swing in slow motion to improve evaluation and communication.  


We will run the hitter through the same metrics session at the beginning of the fourth lesson to determine the progress or lack of progress.


We will run you through the same assessment as the Initial assessment to determine the level of improvement and if we achieved our goals.  Also we will use the HitTrax on the University of Arizona Field to determine home run ability.


Hit Trax

The HitTrax is a highly sophisticated and expensive machine that will test some things that the Blast Technology Testing does not test such as launch angle, distance and will show, on video, where the ball goes including if the hitter hits a homerun or now.  We will be using the University of Arizona softball field which is 220 feet so we aren't talking about a fly ball going out of just any park.  This is a serious program! 


  1. You will be given "homework" which will need to be tracked on the Lesson Portal.

  2. The homework will include drills exclusively designed to improve your power and will include some strength training exercises.

  3. Important Note:  If you are not doing this work, your progress will be limited!

  4. I am also offering a program called "Beyond 212!" where you can get your extra work.  Click here to learn more.



  1. You will need the following equipment:

  2. Your game bat

  3. A wood bat that is the same length as your game bat

  4. A broomstick handle that is cut to the same length as your game bat

  5. Batting Tee (for homework)

  6. Softballs (at least a dozen (for homework) (Highly recommended)

  7. A net to hit softballs into or access to a net/tunnel  (Highly recommended)

If you have questions on any of these, let me know. 

Cost for the Six Week Program

  1. A breakdown of the cost per feature:

  2. Evaluation Session of 30 Minutes $20.00.

  3. Lessons:  The lesson cost will be the same as regular lessons based on your Loyalty Level and the facility.  See Lesson Costs Here.

  4. Work out sessions (Optional)  If you do not have the ability to work at home, I offer work out sessions for $15.00 per session.   See Beyond 212!

  5. There is an extra fee for the HitTrax of $35.00 due at the completion of the last lesson.


Attendance Policy

  1. This is a six-week program of which it is important to complete the program in at least 8 weeks.  Spreading out time will decrease the level of improvement.

  2. It is recommended that if you expect difficulty in attending the scheduled session to contact me as soon as possible to reschedule.

  3. Note:  Only one lesson (of these 6) can be scheduled in a 5 day period of time.  However, if you want to schedule an extra lesson, that is fine of course.

  4. You are not expected to attend any of the Beyond 212 sessions but it IS expected to get your assigned work between lessons.


Removal from the Program

  1. Becoming a Home Run threat does not mean you will hit home runs ever at-bat or even every game.  It just means you are hitting some home runs and there is a risk that you can on a regular basis.  Home runs are based on if you get good pitches to hit, the conditions such as wind, etc.  This program doesn't guarantee you will hit home runs but our number one goal is to prepare you physically and mentally to be a home run threat.

  2. It is super important to understand that if Holly feels the athlete is not making the effort required of her physically and mentally then Holly reserves the right to remove her from the program with no refund.  The process will go as follows:

    1. If Holly feels she is not putting in the effort required, she will talk first to the athlete to determine what the possible roadblocks are.

    2. If this isn't effective, then the athlete and parents will receive an email with the concerns that need to be addressed and improved immediately.

    3. If there isn't a noticeable change in the physical and/or mental adjustments, the hitter will receive an email that will result in her removal from the program.  

It is very rare for this to happen but it is important to note that this is a unique program that requires hard work and possibly some major changes in her hitting mechanics.  


Register for the Program

  1. Are you ready to get started?  Remember, first, you must apply, second, we will run you through an assessment, and third, we will determine if you are admitted.  Complete the form below to get started.  No Payment or commitment is required at this time.