Elevate Your Game!

I am pleased to announce the creation of the program I call "Elevate Your Game".  As long as there have been individual instruction in softball there have been discussions as to the reason many girls don't improve and that is the work BETWEEN lessons.  

So, I have created this program to motivate and track the athlete's work between lessons.  This will include her practice time and OYO (On your own) time.

At this time is just for hitting but eventually, I will add fielding and then maybe even pitching.


It is based on your goals for the number of swings you want to take each week.  I suggest the following as a basic beginning point of weekly goals:

  • 8-12 Years old 300 Swings a Week

  • 13-15 Years old 500+ Swings a Week

  • 16-18 Years old 750+ Swings a Week 

These goals are just basic starting points.  It does depend on your ability to hit between lessons, your motivation level, and the time of the year.  

So, basically, the athlete will just record her workout each time with the type of work and the focus along with the number of swings.  She can do this on her phone or on a PC.  She will just need to log into her Elevate Your Game Ap here.  She can also find the link on your Lesson Portal.

This will also help motivate the athlete.  A lot of us are motivated by goals and achieving our goals.  

You don't need to sign up for this as you are automatically part of the program.  You are not required to participate but it is available whenever you are ready.  In fact, it might not work as well for athletes under 13 years old.  That is up to you.  I will talk to the athlete during lessons and help them with the app for the program they can use on their phone.  

Let me know if you have any questions!