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The mission I have for each of my hitters is noticeable and consistent improvement.

In the "old days", we evaluated improvement in two basic ways.  Visually and Statistically.  The visual evaluation was 100% subjective by the coach or coaches in that the hitter "looks like she is getting better".  The statistics were more objective but it still had its flaws based on the quality of competition but, still, ultimately the important evaluation is the on-field success and that is ultimately done by the statistics.


However, how do we get to where we can prepare the hitter to improve their game?   Well, I still trust my eyes.  I still want to see a quality swing and a good approach but these days we have some really highly sophisticated tools to evaluate the hitters swing and the results of that swing.  Through the use of my years of experience and technology we will establish the following path:

  1. Pre-Testing.  We will put the hitter through a very detailed hitting evaluation that includes bat speed, bat velocity, attack angle but also spin direction, and exit velocity but we will also use slow-motion video to improve the visual evaluation of the swing.  

  2. Set Goals.  The hitter and I will discuss what type of hitter she is and the goal metrics it will take to become the very best version of this type of hitter that she can achieve.  

  3. Preparing.  I often prefer the word "prepare" over the word "practice" as it seems to have more purpose to it.  Preparing to succeed must have purpose and that purpose needs to be based on the hitter's strengths and weaknesses.  This preparing will include lessons but also intentional practice time between lessons.

  4. Monitoring.  We will often monitor the metrics periodically to see how the hitter is progressing...or not.  If the hitter is progressing then we will continue with the process.  If not, we will need to re-evaluate 

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