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Hitting coaches and instructors have been objectively testing exit velocity for many years through the use of a radar gun.  It is really pretty effective and will still continue for many years, if not forever.  I have been using this method as well and may still use it when needed but now I will be using the Rapsodo to test exit velocity.  

Wait, you aren't sure you know what Exit Velocity is?   Well, it is basically the velocity (miles per hour) at the ball that comes off of the bat.  It is another word for how hard we hit the ball.  It is a really good way to test power potential.   A pretty important aspect of hitting for many hitters.  Why do I say potential?  Well, the ability the hit with power involves a lot more than just Exit Velocity.  That is where individual lessons come into play.  We can test your exit velocity and we can improve your exit velocity but the ability to apply that to the everyday game situation where you can perform is another story and, honestly, not that easy.  It is a great start though.

The cool thing about Rapsodo is that I won't have to write down the velocity after every swing.  It is automatically recorded.  It also records the average MPH and the best MPH of the session.  The other great thing about Rapsodo is that we can evaluate Exit Velocity from batting practice and not just from the batting tee.  This will give us a little better idea of the actual exit velocity.  One more cool feature is that since you are taking lessons with me you can access your account to see exactly what your exit velocities were during the session and all sessions. 

Also, we will be collecting the data and adding it to our database to compare to other athletes and you can use this information when college coaches come a knockin'.  

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