What skills do you teach?

Most athletes take hitting lessons from me but I do offer fielding (Infield, outfield, catching and throwing (overhanded) lessons.  At this time I do not offer pitching lessons but if you need pitching lessons I can find someone for you.

Where Are the Lessons Conducted?

I currently conduct individual lessons at the 502 Softball Academy in the Lyndon area and Beechmont Youth Complex in Beechmont.  The schedule varies as to when I am at each location. 


Click here to see my typical lesson schedule...

Click here to go to the Schedule Portal to see the up-to-date available times and locations.

How much does Lessons Cost?

The beginning cost for the 30 minute lesson is $30.00 and the 60 minute lesson is $50.00 however there are many promotions being ran often that can give significant discounts.  Click here to learn more about our lessons being offered and their pricing.

How Do I Schedule a Lesson

We want to make this process as easy as possible so you can schedule a few ways.  We first recommend going to our "Book Your Lesson" page and you can do everything right there.  If you prefer to talk to Holly you can email or call her.  Here is her contact information.  I hope this helps and if you run into any problems or have any questions just contact Holly.

How often Should I Schedule a Lesson?

There are a few factors that exist when making this decision such as available time, funding, age, talent and more.  However, the Law of the Farm exists with hitting lessons.  Click for details.

How Do I reschedule a Lesson?

Okay...can't make it to the time that has been scheduled but you want to schedule a different time, Great!  Here is how...

How Do I Cancel A Lesson

We recommend scheduling weekly lessons at a regular time to "lock in" that time and then cancelling or rescheduling when necessary.  Cancelling is a pretty easy process but we do ask that you give us 24 hours notice if at all possible.  Click here how to cancel a lesson.

Do we need to bring a bat?

There are bats available at the facility but it is always best to bring your own bat.

What other equipment will I need to bring?

We supply the balls and we do have bats available for those that either do not have a bat or forgets their bat.  Most of the time a helmet is not needed during a lesson but it is always helpful to bring your helmet.  Wearing comfortable clothes that you can perform physical activities in is very important.  If you aren't sure about something please contact me.

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Your question is still not answered?  Contact Holly here and she will be able to answer your questions.  Thank you!