New Lesson Registration

Hello and welcome to the Lessons With Holly Team!  I am happy you are here.  If you have never taken lessons before I know this can be a little overwhelming but I hope to make this process as easy as possible.  You are here because I have asked you to complete this registration.  This puts your athlete into my database where I track everything that is associated with my lessons.  The cool thing is that it is also the database (Portal) for all of my other services like recruiting videos, camps, and metrics.  So, once you have your login you can access all the other services on this website and my National Fastpitch Academy website.  You can access and update your information through the Lesson Portal on this website.  

As great as that is and simple as that is, there is a bit of a snag.  Your Lesson Portal is DIFFERENT from the scheduling portal.  The scheduling portal is where you can schedule lessons (and other services).  You can use the same login information if you want but they are two separate things.  You actually don't have to use either but they exist to just make life a little easier for you.  

So, to get started please complete this form.  If you have any questions please let me know!

Thank you!