Lessons With Holly Services

I offer more than individual lessons with ongoing work toward developing new services.  Take a quick look at our current services below and, as always, if you can't find what you are looking for, let me know.

Individual Lessons

Yes, most of my business is with individual lessons and I intend to continue making this my main emphasis with the mission to be the very best instructor in the area.  I have been giving individual lessons for many years and I focus on hitting lessons but I also love doing fielding lessons and one of my specialties is throwing overhand.  


The goal is to help the athlete become the very best she can be and I use a lot of teaching methods to achieve this goal from the traditional method of teaching but I also incorporate a lot of technology such as slow-motion video, Metrics Assessment, Drills, Instructional Videos and Post Lesson Notes.  I refer to these additional services that are unique to Lessons With Holly as my "Peak Performance Program". 

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are not as effective as the Individual Lessons but they still are a lot of help for the hitter.  If you are interested in group lessons, contact me. 

Peak Performance Program

The Peak Performance Program includes the following services:

  • Metrics:  I will test the hitter once every 6 - 8 weeks to determine where she is improving but mostly where she is not improving so we can make some adjustments.

  • Video:  I use video analysis sometimes for a short demonstration but about ever 8 weeks I will video the hitter and break down her swing through my Video Analytics Program.

  • Notes:  I will send notes after the lesson with comments as to what we worked on during the lesson and with instructions for her homework.  

  • Lesson Portal:  You will have access to your metrics, video, and notes on your password-protected Lesson Portal.

I once charged extra for these services but they are now part of the lesson services however if you want to be tested or go through the video analytics program in addition to what you receive it will cost extra.


Metrics Assessment Program

More coming soon