Types of Lessons Offered


Hitting Lessons

I offer 30 or 60 Minutes along with Group Lessons on Hitting.


Fielding Lessons

Fielding Lessons are a great way to improve and I will work with the athlete with her throwing, infield, outfield and catching skills.  Options are 30 minutes or you can combine fielding with hitting for a 60-minute lesson. 


Pitching Lessons

I do not personally work with pitchers but I do have some of which I will refer you to.  Just let me know. 

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Video Analytics

Video is a great way to learn and improve the swing.  Select this as an add-on for any hitting lesson. 

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Beyond 212!

A new program to help you achieve through hard work.  This is extra time for your work.  Click here to learn more! 

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Crushing It!

Our Crushing It Program is a 6 week program designed to teach the hitter how to, well hit home runs!  Want to know more?


Team Hitting Sessions

I would be happy to work with your team as a group during one of your practices.  Just let me know. 



I offer camps of different types.   Click here for details. 


Testing Center

Metrics is the new thing in softball and we offer a testing center for bat velocity, exit velocity, throwing velocity and other important metrics.  More Details Here